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[Risk = Threat x Vulnerabilities x Cost]
The Stylus is More Potent than the Claymore

Division of The Invictus Ventures Corporation "knowledge...the most feared weapon of all"

9Q34 Consulting Services

Adroit. Visceral. Quintessential.

Our primary mission is to actively manage so as to continually consult and enhance its value as a long-term investment for the Company.

Philanthropy is a part of this commitment, as well as our culture. We will support a wide range of charitable organizations determined to improve lives in our communities, and we have chosen to focus extraordinary attention and resources to initiatives that will improve education and encourage conservation.

The big bugs have little bugs. The little bugs have even smaller bugs. Finally, all the tiny bugs get together to make a really big bug. Even the action of fixing bugs creates still more bugs. Around we go. Where it stops, no one knows. One thing is clear. If it's software, it has bugs.

"Labour Conquers All Things"

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