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Division of The Invictus Ventures Corporation "knowledge...the most feared weapon of all"

9Q34 Consulting Services

Adroit. Visceral. Quintessential.

    *  9Q34...the location, or locus of the ABO gene, which codes for the ABO blood group. It is also the location of many other genes that may be associated with the ABO blood group of an individual through genetic linkage.
     *  9Q34 is customer-focused and responsive to change, balanced by a clear understanding that value and quality guide our decision-making.
    * We provide multiple ways to do business in a secure environment, guided by prudent rules and regulations.
    *   We challenge our priorities, policies, rules, procedures, regulations, and laws to ensure that we are providing efficient and effective services to our customers and our Company.
    * We recognize and accept that change never ceases; that it provides us the opportunity to become responsive to customer needs.
    * We continually evaluate our business processes to support a user-friendly environment that improves customer and employee satisfaction.
    * We demonstrate accountability to those we serve by taking responsibility for our actions, and we encourage our customers to take responsibility for the management of their retirement and health benefits.
    * We encourage management and staff to demonstrate responsiveness and flexibility in servicing customer needs and solving customer problems.
    * We support open communication at every level of our business processes.
    * We acknowledge that change drives our organization. Our responsibility is to deliver consistent and timely information to our customers about the rules, policies, regulations, and laws that govern the programs we administer. Knowing this encourages us to seek efficient means of providing quality customer service, value-added retirement and health benefits, and other related programs and services.

"Labour Conquers All Things"

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